Colin Mills, compiler of the Hortus Camdenensis, died in late November 2012 after a short illness. As he always considered the Hortus his legacy, it is his family's intention to keep the site running in perpetuity. It will not, however, be updated in the near future.

Bulbous and Tuberous Rooted Plants

A division of the Camden Park catalogues that is not clearly defined. Some of the more important families of the Hortus are included here, Amaryllidaceae, Iridaceae and Liliaceae. It also contains a wide assortment of other plants with a modified stem or root that acts as a storage organ. Such plants are usually deciduous and have a distinct dormancy period. Shrubs and trees are not included, but there is some overlap with herbaceous plants.

Achimenes patens Benth.

In growth habit similar to Achimenes longiflora DC. which see.  The solitary flowers are red-violet, flushed with yellow and dotted with violet on the white throat.  To 30cm.  It will flower for many months of the year.  [Moore, Hortus, GRA p.32].

Achimenes pedunculata Benth.

Rhizomatous perennial with a rangy habit and green or purplish stems to 90cm long, leaves heart-shaped at the base, often with a purplish lower surface, and axillary peduncles of 2 nodding flowers, usually towards the ends of the stems, with a vermilion red corolla tube with an orange flush below and a yellow throat, all dotted with dark red.  [Moore, GRA p.33].

Achimenes skinneri Lindl.

Today Achimenes skinneri and Achimenes hirsuta are regarded as synonymous but they were usually regarded as separate species in the Victorian literature and for that reason are given separate entries here.  [RHSD]. The Botanical Register describes Achimenes hirsuta as resembling Achimenes pedunculata [Benth.] and, like the latter, it bears bulblets in the axils of its leaves and branches.  [BR f.55/1843].  Its red flowers have a deep rose-coloured border, the lobes notched.  Allen describes Achimenes hirsuta with ‘hairy leaves and rose-coloured flowers with a yellow eye’.

Achimenes skinneri ‘Grandiflora Maxima’

Probably a cultivar of Achimenes skinneri Lindl. It was described in L’Horticulteur Francais in 1856 but I have not yet traced this description.  [GRA p. 33].  The name suggests a cultivar with larger flowers than the wild type.

Achimenes x sanguinea (Hort. ex Hanst.) Regel ex Hanst.

I have no description of this plant but the name suggests a cultivar or hybrid with a bright red flower.

Achimenes ‘Baumanni Grandiflora’

A cultivar of unknown parentage. ‘Another continental variety; dwarf, and blooms freely.  Each blossom is about an inch across, of a lilac-purple, with a small yellow eye.  Pretty.’  [FC p.4/1851].

Achimenes ‘Chelsonii’

Of unknown parentage. I have no description at present.

Achimenes ‘Dr. Hopf’

A hybrid between Achimenes ‘Count Wolfarth’ and Achimenes longiflora ‘Alba’, it has pure white flowers, with a yellow throat, streaked crimson.  [IH p.55 Vol 2/1855].  

Achimenes ‘Floribunda Elegans’

A garden cultivar or hybrid with a profusion of purple and crimson flowers.  [GRA p.18.]  Its parentage is unknown to me.

Achimenes ‘Jayii’

A hybrid or cultivar of unknown origin with violet-purple flowers.  It was described in a note on new plants in the Floricultural Cabinet: ‘It has much the appearance of A. rosea in habit, but the flowers are of a bright purple colour.  A beautiful variety.’  [FC p.290/1849].  GRA p. 23.

Achimenes ‘Sir Trecherne Thomas’

‘Sir Trecherne Thomas’ is a crimson-flowered hybrid of Achimenes ‘Boekmanni’ x Achimenes grandiflora bred by Louis van Houtte.  Achimenes ‘Boekmanni’ is itself a cross between A. longiflora and A. grandiflora.  [GRA p.37].

Achimenes ‘Splendens’

A hybrid or cultivar of unknown origin, I have no description of this plant.  Achimenes splendens is not listed in the Gesneriad Register-Achimenes.  A number of ‘Splendens’ cultivars are listed, all later than this. 

Achimenes ‘Tugwelliana’

A hybrid between Achimenes patens Benth. and Achimenes longiflora DC., which see, raised by Mr. Carmichael, gardener to G. C. Tugwell Esq. of Crowe Hall, Bath.  According to an advertisement placed by R. Glendinning, Chiswick Nursery, London, in The Gardeners' Chronicle, Achimenes ‘Tugwelliana’ has deep violet-purple flowers, about the size of Achimenes patens.  [GRA p.38, GC p.305/1850].  

Achimenes ‘Venusta’

Achimenes ‘Venusta’ is a hybrid between Achimenes erecta (Lam.) H.P.Fuchs. var. rosea and Achimenes patens Benth. Bred by Backhouse and Sons of York,  A. venusta has rich violet-purple flowers, spotted with brown.  [GRA p.38].  

Acis autumnalis (L.) Sweet

A slender bulbous perennial with grassy foliage, produced with or just after the flowers, and leafless stems bearing 2-4 bell-shaped white flowers, red-tinged at the base, in summer and early autumn.  To 15cm.  [RHSE, Hortus, Baker Am.].  

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