Colin Mills, compiler of the Hortus Camdenensis, died in late November 2012 after a short illness. As he always considered the Hortus his legacy, it is his family's intention to keep the site running in perpetuity. It will not, however, be updated in the near future.

Trees and Shrubs

A division of the Camden Park catalogues that is not clearly defined. In broad terms it includes all plants with woody stems except conifers and fruit trees and shrubs.

Aesculus x carnea Hayne

A hybrid between Aesculus hippocastanum L. and Aesculus pavia L.  A hardy tree, to 20m or more, with toothed leaves with five to seven leaftets, and panicles, to 2cm long, of deep pink flowers. [RHSD, Hilliers’].

Agave americana L.

Frost-hardy, succulent perennial with rosettes of spreading, lance-shaped, spine-tipped, grey-green leaves, to 2m long, and panicles up to 8m long, bearing clusters of yellowish-green flowers in summer.  [RHSE, Hortus].


Agave americana L. var. marginata

Agave americana L. was first botanically described by Linnaeus in 1853 [Sp. Pl. p.323/1753]. There are a number of variegated forms, with yellow or white leaf margins, e.g. marginata, or yellow or white striped leaves, mediopicta and striata.  [RHSE]. Macarthur’s variegata is most likely to be marginata.   


Agave boscii (Hornem.) ined.

Short-stemmed Agave with a dense rosette of narrow dark green leaves, to 60cm, some times with fine marginal hairs, and a flowering spike to about 5m, bearing pairs of greenish flowers, flushed red or purple above.  [].

Ailanthus altissima (Mill.) Swingle

Fully hardy, spreading, suckering tree with large, oblong-elliptic, pinnate leaves, to 60cm long, with up to 30 leaflets which open reddish green and later turn green. In summer, terminal panicles of small green flowers, up to 30cm long, are followed by red-brown fruit, similar to the ash.  To 25m.  [RHSE, Hilliers’, FNSW].

Allamanda cathartica L.

Frost-tender, vigorous, evergreen climber with whorls of 3-4 lance-shaped leaves and axillary and terminal cymes of golden-yellow, trumpet-shaped flowers from summer to autumn.  To 16m.  [RHSE, Hortus]. 

Allamanda cathartica L. var. grandiflora L.H.Bailey & Raffill.

For a description of the species see Allamanda cathartica L.  Grandiflora freely produces flowers with trumpets almost twice as large as the type, sometimes more than 10cm across.  [RHSD]. 


Allamanda cathartica L. var. schottii L.H.Bailey & Raffill.

For a description of the species see Allamanda cathartica L.  Schottii has yellow trumpets with a dark striped throat.  Tends to be bushier than the species.  [RHSD]. 


Allamanda neriifolia Hook.

Frost-tender, semi-erect, evergreen semi-climber with oblong leaves in whorls of 2-5, and deep golden yellow flowers streaked with orange-red in summer.  To 1.5m.  [RHSD, Hortus]. 

Allamanada species unidentified [1]

Unidentified Allamanda species.


Allamanda species unidentified [2]

Unidentified Allamanda species.


Aloe ferox Mill.

Stemmed aloe, to 4m, with a rosette of thick, tapering leaves, keeled at the back, glaucous, with reddish teeth along the leaf edges and backs, with ornage flowers on a branched inflorescence.  [RHSD, Hortus].

Aloe succotrina Lam.

Aloe with stems to 1.2m, the leaves gradually tapering, pale coloured or glaucous with small white teeth and sometimes blotched at the base, the flowers red in a loose spike, to 30cm high.  [RHSD, Hortus].

Aloysia triphylla (L‘Hérit.) Britt.

Frost hardy, bushy, upright, deciduous shrub with whorled, narrow, lance-shaped, lemon-scented leaves and tiny, pale lilac to white flowers in slender panicles in late summer.  To 3m.  [RHSE].


Alstonia scholaris (L.) R.Br.

Frost-tender tree with ribbed, oval-shaped leaves, to 20cm long, usually 5-7 in a whorl, and cymes of greenish-white flowers.  To 20m.  [RHSD, Hortus]. 

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