Colin Mills, compiler of the Hortus Camdenensis, died in late November 2012 after a short illness. As he always considered the Hortus his legacy, it is his family's intention to keep the site running in perpetuity. It will not, however, be updated in the near future.


A division of the Camden Park catalogues that is not clearly defined. All plants producing edible fruits are included but most are trees. Fruit will be progressively added to the Hortus.

Berberis vulgaris L.

Fully hardy deciduous species mainly grown for its pendulous clusters of egg-shaped, bright red, translucent berries which follow the yellow flowers which appear in spring.  To 3m. [RHSD, Hilliers’].

Berberis vulgaris L. var. dulcis

Although included separately in the Camden Park catalogues this plant is almost certainly Berberis vulgaris L., which see.  The variety dulcis has no doubt been selected for the quality of its fruit over many generations.  ‘B. vulgaris dulcis.  Sweet fruited.  Very similar to the species.  The fruit is a little larger and not quite so acid, and leaves bright green and shining.  This variety should not be confounded with the before mentioned species, Berberis dulcis [Berberis buxifolia Lam. which see], as the latter has black fruit of the size of a large currant, which is solitary, while that of the former is produced in racemes.’  [Fuller – The Small Fruit Culturist p.27/1914].

Capparis arborea (F.Muell.) Maid.

Half hardy shrub to small tree with ovate leaves, to 12cm, and fragile white flowers, to 3cm across.  [Beadle, FNSW].

Capparis spinosa L. var. inermis Tierra.

The species is a frost tender, perennial, evergreen shrub with roundish, leathery leaves and creamy-white flowers in summer.  To 90cm.  Inermis is without the thorns of the type.  [RHSD, Hortus].

Carica papaya L.

Unbranched, evergreen, dioecious tree with deeply lobed, palmate leaves and yellow flowers followed by yellow to orange, fleshy, edible fruit.  source of the enzyme papain.  To 6m.  [RHSD, Hortus].

Carya tomentosa Nutt.

Fully hardy tree with pinnate leaves with up to 9 oblong leaflets, nearly round, edible nuts.  To 28m.  [RHSE, Hortus].

Castanea sativa Mill.

Fully hardy, vigorous, broadly columnar tree with oblong, toothed, glossy, dark green leaves. It has edible fruit in autumn, with a number of cultivars grown particularly for their fruit.  To 30m.  [RHSE, Hortus, Hilliers’].

Ceratonia siliqua L.

Frost-tender, evergreen tree or small shrub with a rounded head, dark green, leathery, pinnate leaves, with up to 10 leaflets, and cylindrical racemes of red and yellow flowers in late summer and autumn.  To 15m.  [RHSD, Hortus, Hilliers’].

Chrysophyllum cainito L.

Frost tender evergreen tree with branches clothed in silky down, oblong leaves, silky beneath, to 15cm long, and small whitish-purple flowers followed by light green or purple fruits, up to 10cm in diameter, with soft, white, translucent, sweet pulp with a somewhat insipid taste.  To 18m.  [RHSD, Hortus].

Citrus aurantiifolia (Christm.) Swingle

Irregularly branched small, spiny tree with elliptic-oval pale green leaves and white flowers followed by round to oval green fruit, ranging in taste from acid to sweetish. To 4m. [RHSD, Hortus].

Citrus australasica F.Muell.

Spiny shrub or small tree with simple leaves and white flowers, to 1.2cm across, followed by edible, intensely flavoured, green to reddish fruit, to 6cm long.  To 6m.  [FNSW, Wrigley].

Citrus australis (Mudie) Planch.

Spiny, open shrub with elliptic leaves, to 5cm long, and fragrant white flowers, to 2cm across, followed by edible green fruits, to 6cm across.  [Wrigley].

Citrus bergamia Risso & Poit.

Small tree with ovate-oblong leaves, flowers white, fragrant, followed by globose to pyriform fruit with yellow rind and green, acid and aromatic pulp. [RHSD, Hortus].

Citrus limetta Risso

Small spiny tree, or erect shrub, leaves glossy ovate, toothed at the base, flowers white, fruit rounded or oval, to 6.5 cm in diameter, rind, pale yellow to green, smooth to slightly rough, pulp sweetish to slightly acidic. To 3m. [RHSD].

Citrus limon ‘Lisbon’

A cultivar of Citrus limon (L.) Burm.f. A spiny irregularly branched tree with oval-oblong leaves, sometimes narrowly winged, and fragrant white flowers followed by oval yellow fruits, acid to the taste. To 4m or more. [RHSD, Hortus]. 



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