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Citrus australis (Mudie) Planch.

Spiny, open shrub with elliptic leaves, to 5cm long, and fragrant white flowers, to 2cm across, followed by edible green fruits, to 6cm across.  [Wrigley].

Horticultural & Botanical History

No additional data.

History at Camden Park

One plant of ‘Indigenous sp. Citrus from Moreton Bay’ was donated to the Sydney Botanic Garden on 27th September 1847.  This is the only reference to this plant I have encountered but this native citrus is likely to have been grown at Camden Park.  See also Citrus australasica F.Mueller, another possibility for this plant.


Of the six Australian species of citrus, Citrus australasica F.Mueller and Citrus australis (Mudie) Planch. seem the most likely candidates for ‘Indigenous sp. Citrus from Moreton Bay’.  Of the remainder Citrus inodora F.M.Bailey grows in northern Queensland, Citrus garrawayae F.M.Bailey is from the Cape York Peninsula, Citrus glauca (Lindl.) Burkill is from more inland areas, particularly the Channel Country, and Citrus gracilis Mabb. grows in the Northern Territory.

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Family Rutaceae
Region of origin

Australia, southern Queensland

  • Limonia australis A.Cunn. ex Mudie
  • Microcitrus australis (Planch.) Swingle
Common Name

Australian lime, Dooja

Name in the Camden Park Record

Indigenous sp. Citrus from Moreton Bay 

Confidence level medium