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Rhododendron nudiflorum ‘Bicolor’

Treated here as a cultivar of Rhododendron nudiflorum Torr. but may be naturally occurring. Millais describes Azalea bicolor as similar to if not identical with Rhododendron nudiflorum Torr.  It is a deciduous shrub from the South Eastern USA with oblong leaves, hairy beneath, and scented, funnel-shaped, generally with white or pink-flushed flowers, with a pink or reddish tube, in spring.  To 3m.  Bicolor has scarlet flowers.  [Hilliers', PD, Millais].

Horticultural & Botanical History

Azalea bicolor was introduced to Britain from North America in 1734 by Peter Collinson.  [PD, Millais]. ‘Crossed with the American Azaleas this species [Rhododendron canescens Porter] has played an important part in the creation of the Ghent Azaleas.’  [Millais].  Saint-Hilaire Tr. pl.19/1825.

History at Camden Park

Presumably not long lived in the gardens as it was only listed only in the 1845 catalogue.


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Figured is a single azalea with pinkish flowers and long red tubes.  Saint-Hilaire Tr. pl.19, 1825.

Rhododendron nudiflorum Torr. - a form with red tube probably very similar to bicolor | Saint-Hilaire Tr. pl.19/1825 | BHL


Family Ericaceae
Region of origin

North America

  • Azalea bicolor Pursh
  • Azalea lutea L. bicolor
  • Rhododendron canescens Porter
  • Rhododendron nudiflorum Torr. var. bicolor Zabel


Common Name

Bicoloured Pinxterbloom azalea

Name in the Camden Park Record

Azalea bicolor 


Confidence level high