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Jasminum rigidum Zenk.

Stiff shrub with ovate, leathery leaves and few-flowered cymes of fragrant white flowers.  [Hortus].

Horticultural & Botanical History

Introduced to Britain in 1839.  [JD].

History at Camden Park

 Jasminum ligustrifolium was listed only in the 1857 catalogue [T.597/1857].  


 Jasminum ligustrifolium Lam. (1789) = Jasminum glaucum Vahl. which see.  This is a possible identification for Macarthur’s ‘Jasminum ligustrifolium’.

Published Jan 20, 2010 - 11:21 AM | Last updated Jan 20, 2010 - 11:24 AM

Family Oleaceae
Region of origin

Mauritius to India

  • Jasminum ligustrifolium Wall. ex Bojer
  • Jasminum myrtophyllum Zenk.
  • Jasminum triflorum Heyne
  • Jasminum perrottetianum DC.
  • Jasminum cuspidatum Rottl.
Common Name
Name in the Camden Park Record

Jasminum ligustrifolium 

Confidence level low