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Corallobotrys acuminata Hook.f.

Frost-tender, epiphytic, evergreen, irregularly branched shrub with alternate, bluntly toothed, lance-shaped leaves, purple beneath, and abundant corymbs of small, pendant, almost globular, bright coral-red flowers.  [RHSD, Don]. 

Horticultural & Botanical History

‘One of the many beautiful Vaccinieae which abound in the subtropical and temperate regions of the humid Indian mountains, but of which very few have hitherto been introduced into European gardens.  The present species was first detected by Wallich’s collectors in the mountains near Silhet (Khasia), and has been gathered there abundantly by Griffith and Drs. Hooker and Thomson.’  [BM t.5010/1857].  Don. 

History at Camden Park

Listed only in the 1857 catalogue [T.975/1857]. 


Thibaudia acuminata Dun. (1838), a species reportedly from Peru, is a possibility.  I have no further information.

Thibaudia acuminata Hook.f. (1869) = Cavendishia acuminata Benth. ex Hemsl. and is not Macarthur’s plant.


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The image shows leaves and a shoot covered with globular red flowers.  Curtis's botanical Magazine t.5010, 1857.

Corallobotrys acuminata Hook.f. | BM t.5010/1857 | BHL

Family Ericaceae
Region of origin

East Asia

  • Agapetes acuminata D.Don
  • Thibaudia acuminata Wall.
  • Epigynium acuminatum Klotzsch


Common Name
Name in the Camden Park Record

Thibaudia acuminata 

Confidence level medium