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Alyxia species unidentified

These are possibly tropical Australian species collected by Dr. Leichardt.  Alyxia is a genus of about 80, mostly tropical shrubs with small, white, usually sweet-scented, five-petalled flowers resembling propellers, followed by glossy, orange or red fruits.  There are 9 species in Australia, 3 of which, Alyxia buxifolia, A. ruscifolia and A. spicata are in cultivation.  [Wrigley].  


Horticultural & Botanical History

Two species of Alyxia were figured in Curtis’s Botanical Magazine, A. daphnoides A.Cunn., from Norfolk Island [BM t.3312/1834] and A. ruscifolia R.Br., from the warmer regions of eastern Australia [BM t. 3313/1834].  The latter is also figured in Loddiges’ Botanical Cabinet: ‘This is a native of the northern parts of New Holland, within the tropic, according to Mr. Brown.  It appears to be a small shrub with straight branches, and rigid glossy leaves, ending in a hard point, growing in whorls of four or five each.  It flowers with us in January, preserved in a warm greenhouse.’  [LBC no.1811/1834]. 


History at Camden Park

Listed in all published catalogues but never fully identified.  [T.47/1843].  If these were grown from seed collected by Leichhardt it is possible that Macarthur was unsure of their identity until well after 1857.



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The image depicts a shrub with small, shiny leaves and terminal small white flowers.  Curtis's Botanical Cabinet t.3313, 1834.

Alyxia ruscifolia R.Br. | BM t.3313/1834.  Possibly one of the plants listed by Macarthur as Alyxia sp. | BHL


Family Apocynaceae
Region of origin

Probably north eastern Australia

Common Name
Name in the Camden Park Record

Alyxia 2 sp. 


Confidence level low