Colin Mills, compiler of the Hortus Camdenensis, died in late November 2012 after a short illness. As he always considered the Hortus his legacy, it is his family's intention to keep the site running in perpetuity. It will not, however, be updated in the near future.


A family of some 70 genera and 600 species of shrubs, trees and climbers, mostly from tropical and sub-tropical regions.  It contains a number of plants of economic importance, notably the Mango, Pistachio and Cashew Nut.  [FNSW].  Represented in the Hortus by a number of ornamental species, including at least 2 with economic potential as sources of resin.

Plants in this Family

  1. Schinus terebinthifolius Raddi
  2. Schinus polygama (Cav.) Cabrera var. longifolia Fenzl. ex Engl.
  3. Schinus polygama (Cav.) Cabrera var. dentata
  4. Schinus polygama (Cav.) Cabrera
  5. Schinus molle L.
  6. Rhus verniciflua Stokes
  7. Rhus typhina L
  8. Rhus lucida L.
  9. Rhus coriaria L.
  10. Pistacia terebinthus L.
  11. Pistacia lentiscus L.
  12. Cotinus coggygria Scop.