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Stephanotis floribunda Brongn.

Frost tender, sparsely branched, twining climber with glossy, oval leaves, to 10cm long, and cymes of 3-6, fragrant, waxy flowers, to 6cm long, from spring to autumn.  To 6m.  [RHSE, Hortus].

Horticultural & Botanical History

‘No plant could have more properly been called “free-flowering” than this most enchanting climber, for it bears a large cluster of flowers from the axil of every leaf, and these are developed on plants not more than six inches high, while there is an almost interminable succession of them.  Indeed, there is scarcely any of our stove favourites which can compete with it in the profuseness of its blossoms.’  [MB p.29/1844].  

‘A native of Madagascar, which Mrs. Lawrence had the gratification of introducing to the stoves of this country; and few plants could have been more acceptable.  It is a graceful climber; and when trained upon a wire globe trellice, with the mass of dark green foliage and the countless clusters of large white or rather cream-coloured flowers, as we have seen it in the collection at Ealing Park, few plants can be more attractive.  To add to the interest of it, the blossoms exhale the most delicious fragrance.’  [BM t.4058/1843].  FC p.49/1844

History at Camden Park

Listed in the 1845 and 1857 catalogues [T.954/1845].  According to Mabberly introduced to Australia by John Bidwill, ‘a splendidly sweet-scented Apocynaceous plant from Madagascar’.  [Telopea vol.6(4) p.548/1996].  One plant was presented to the Sydney Botanic Garden by William Macarthur on September 27th 1847 [RBGS AB].


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Figured is a climber with glossy, oval leaves and cymes of waxy white starry flowers.  Curtis's Botanical Magazine t.4058, 1843.

Stephanotis floribunda Brongn. | BM t.4058/1843 | BHL

Family Asclepiadaceae
Region of origin


  • Stephanotis jasminoides Hort.
  • Marsdenia floribunda Schltr. 
Common Name

Madagascar jasmine, Clustered wax flower, Chaplet flower, Bridal wreath, Floradora

Name in the Camden Park Record

Stephanotis floribundus 

Confidence level high