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Rosa rubiginosa ‘Superb’

The identification of this rose is uncertain.  Perhaps the most likely candidate is ‘Superb’, a Rosa rubiginosa, sweet briar cultivar described by William Paul in the first edition of The Rose Garden.  Paul describes ‘Superb’ as a robust grower with bright rose-coloured, full and cupped flowers.  [Paul 1848].  Click here to see the entry for Rosa rubiginosa L.




Horticultural & Botanical History

No additional data.



History at Camden Park

It was only listed in the 1850 catalogue, appearing after Vesta.




Less likely possibilities are:

‘La Superbe’, a Provence rose, flowers full, middle-sized, of a dark purplish pink, shaded with bluish purple.  [Gore].

‘Tuscany Superb’, a Provence rose, a sport from ‘Tuscany’ with large, strongly perfumed, semi-double, rich velvety dark red flowers, which display golden stamens when fully open.  To 1.2m.  [Paul (1848)].

C. C. Hurst reports: 'In 1815 the first two Hybrid Chinas came to light.  The first was raised in England by Brown of Slough from ‘Hume's Blush’ China fertilized by a French Rose and was known as ‘Brown's Superb Blush’’.

In an article in the Floricultural Cabinet on climbing and autumn-flowering roses, the Rev. James Jones describes Rosa multiflora superba, with bright rose, pencilled, cupped and double flowers.  [FC p.241/1835].

Brent Dickerson describes an Alba rose called ‘Superbe’, pre 1846, with pure white flowers.  [Dickerson].



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Family Rosaceae
Region of origin

Europe, including Britain

Common Name
Name in the Camden Park Record

Rosa Superb 



Confidence level low