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Rosa ‘Noisette Lutea’

Probably a Rosa noisettiana Redouté cultivar. For a basic description of thr early Noisette roses see Rosa ‘Noisette Pulchella’. ‘Noisette Lutea’ presumably had yellow flowers.



Horticultural & Botanical History

Catherine Gore lists 32 roses under White or Yellowish-white Noisette Roses.  Most are named varieties, including ‘Noisette Desprez’ and ‘Lamarque’, but she includes a ‘Yellow-hearted Noisette Rose’, flowers ‘middle-sized or small, semi-double, fragrant; white, having a sulphur-coloured centre during expansion.’  [Gore, Rivers (1854), Paul (1863)].



History at Camden Park

Listed in all published catalogues and described as yellow noisette rose in the 1843 and 1845 catalogues [T.848/1843].




Thomas writes: ‘Towards 1830 attempts were made to create a Yellow Noisette by crossing the Blush Noisette with Parks' new yellow China.  This cross gave rise not only to the Yellow Noisette but also to the Yellow Tea Roses.  In 1830 Lamarque and Jaune Desprez appeared, and in 1833 Smith's Yellow, the last being a true dwarf yellow Tea, although classed as a Noisette on account of its origin.’  [Thomas].  It is possible that Noisette lutea is one of these early crosses, although ‘Jaune Deprez’ appeared in the catalogue of 1845 as a distinct named variety, Rosa Smithii, which appears to be ‘Smith’s Yellow’, is listed in the 1850 catalogue, and ‘Lamarque’ was included in the consignment from Veitch’s nursery that died in transit in 1859 but is also described here.  See Rosa noisettiana Redouté var. noisette pulchella and Rosa noisettiana Redouté var. noisette purpurea for further discussion.



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Family Rosaceae
Region of origin

Garden origin, France or USA

Common Name
Name in the Camden Park Record

Rosa semperflorens v. Noisette lutea 



Confidence level low