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Rosa ‘Coutard’

A Hybrid China rose.  ‘Coutard’ is an abundant bloomer with bright rose-coloured, globular, large and double flowers, its growth somewhat pendulous.  [Gore].  Paul considered it a good rose, its colour lilac rose.  [Paul (1848, 1863)].  It was listed by Thomas Rivers in the Floricultural Cabinet of 1835 as among the earliest roses.  [FC p.241/1835].  Charles Wood Jnr., Woodlands Nursery, Maresfield, also writing in the Floricultural Cabinet in 1841, considered ‘Coutard’ to be one of the most desirable of roses.  [FC p.29/1841].



Horticultural & Botanical History

No additional data.



History at Camden Park

Listed in the 1845, 1850 and 1857 catalogues [T.871/1845]. In a Mitchell Library copy of the 1850 catalogue, which appears to be preparation for a new edition, containing numerous alterations and additions in William Macarthur’s hand, and donated by the Macarthur family in the 20th century, Rosa superb, Rosa Coulard, Rosa Madame Desprez and Rosa Jacques Lafitte are underlined in the text.  Of these all but Rosa Coulard are missing from the 1857 catalogue.  ‘Coulard’ is almost certainly a misspelling of ‘Coutard’.




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Family Rosaceae
Region of origin

Garden origin, France

  • Comte Coutard


Common Name
Name in the Camden Park Record

Rosa Coulard 



Confidence level high