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Rosa bracteata ‘Lucida duplex’

Probably a variety or cultivar of Rosa bracteata Wendl. In The Gardeners’ Chronicle of 1841 Rosa ‘Lucida duplex’, seen at Woods and Son’s Nursery, Woodlands, Maresfield, is described as a Bracteata rose, with fine, large, double white flowers with glossy foliage.  In 1851 ‘Lucida duplex’ was described as a Macartney rose, further strengthening this claim to identity.  It was strongly recommended as a continuous bloomer.  William Paul also describes a double form or hybrid of the Macartney Rose which he calls Rosa lucida duplex.  The large full flowers are pure white with a rosy flush in the centre, and with glossy foliage, sounding much like the rose seen at Woods’ Nursery.  A coloured plate is included in the 9th edition.  [Paul (1848, {1888, 1903].  This sounds very much like Gore’s ‘Double Macartney Rose’, Rosa bracteata flore pleno, the flowers of which she describes as pinkish white.  

Horticultural & Botanical History

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History at Camden Park

‘Rosa bracteata lucida duplex’ first appeared in the 1845 catalogue, and, although it was not listed in the 1850 catalogue, ‘Rosa lucida duplex’ appeared as a hand written note in an 1850 catalogue held at the Mitchell Library, probably in Sir William's hand.  It was listed as ‘Rosa lucida duplex’ in the 1857 catalogue [T.907/1845].  I assume it is the same rose.


A much less likely possibility is Rosa virginiana Mill. ‘Rose d'Amour’, introduced c.1820 and sometimes called ‘lucida duplex’.

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Family Rosaceae
Region of origin


  • Rosa lucida duplex
  • Rosa bracteata Wendl. flore pleno
  • Double Macartney rose


Common Name
Name in the Camden Park Record

Rosa lucida duplex

Rosa bracteata lucida duplex 

Confidence level high