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Rosa alba L. var. bifera

Gore describes its flowers as middle-sized, double, flesh-coloured.  George Don lists Rosa alba bifera in his General System of Gardening and Botany, in the section on Damask, Centifolia and Gallica roses, in a sub-section headed ‘Garden roses belonging to some of the species of the present section’, unfortunately no description is given.  Rosa alba bifera was described by Gore as a Double Hybrid Rose of Damask origin, a categorisation consistent with Don.

Horticultural & Botanical History

No additional data.

History at Camden Park

Listed in the 1845, 1850 and 1857 catalogues [T.862/1845].


A less likely possibility is ‘Quatre Saisons Blanche Mousseux’ (Mousseusse), synonyms ‘Bifera Alba Muscosa’, ‘Perpetual White Moss’, ‘Rosier de Thionville’.  A white mossy mutant of the ‘Autumn Damask’ which often reverts to the plain pink ‘Quatre Saisons’.  This sport was first recorded in 1835.  A sport of R. x damascena var. semperflorens, it forms a very open shrub with arching stems, stiff brown-green moss on stems and buds, and cupped to flat, double, very fragrant white flowers, to 9cm across, in summer and sporadically in autumn.  To 2m or more.  

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Family Rosaceae
Region of origin

Garden origin, probably France

  • Emilie Mauger
  • Vix Bifera
Common Name
Name in the Camden Park Record

Rosa alba bifera 

Confidence level medium