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Pyrus communis ‘Léon Leclerc de Laval’

‘Fruit large, long-obovate, and rounding towards the eye. Skin smooth and shining, yellow, strewed with brown dots, and marked with tracings of russet. Eye large, with long, straight, narrow segments, set in a shallow basin. Stalk an inch and a half long, inserted without depression by the side of a fleshy lip. Flesh white, half-melting or crisp, juicy, sweet, and perfumed. An excellent stewing pear, which in some seasons is half-melting, and is in use from January till May and June.’ [Hogg – Fruit Manual p.197/1860].

Horticultural & Botanical History

I am unsure of its exact date of introduction as Pears of New York gives conflicting dates. ‘Van Mons raised a pear in 1816 which he dedicated to Léon Leclerc. The proper name of the latter pear is Léon Leclerc de Laval.’ [Pears of New York p.190].  ‘This, [Léon Leclerc de Laval] which is different from Léon Leclerc (Van Mons), was obtained at Louvain in 1825 by Van Mons.’ [Pears of New York p.446].

‘Léon Leclerc de Laval’ is figured in Album de Pomologie [ADP vol.1, pl.22/1847], the illustration used here.


History at Camden Park

Listed only in the 1857 catalogue in an Addendum as ‘Blanc perne’ [Pear no.51/1850]. ‘51. One of the very finest late pears.’ [Diary B, MP A2951/1862]. Obtained from Veitch’s Nursery, probably the original Exeter premises.

See also ‘Beurré Léon Leclerc’ and ‘Van Mons Léon Leclerc’.


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Figured are 2 pears with shoot and leaves, both green, pyriform with russet markings. Album de Pomologie pl.22, 1847.

Pear ‘Léon Leclerc de Laval’ | ADP vol.1, pl.22/1847 | Pomologische Bibliotheke. Léon Leclerc de Laval is the pear on the right.


Family Rosaceae
Region of origin

Garden origin, Belgium


Blanc Perné

Common Name

Culinary Pear, winter, spring

Name in the Camden Park Record

Blanc perne

Confidence level high