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Prunus dulcis ‘Jordan’

A Prunus dulcis (Mill.) D.A.Webb cultivar. ‘Fruit, above one inch and a half long, and one inch wide; rather oval, at least more so than any of the other varieties, convex on one side, and almost straight on the other, terminated with a small point, and marked with a suture, which is higher on one side than the other. Stalk, inserted in a plain cavity. Shell, very tender, consisting of a network of large fibres, which are easily removed, because the exterior layer is more tender than the interior, so much so that it may be broken between the finger and thumb, and so porous as to be easily rubbed to dust. Kernel, large, white, sweet, and relishing. It ripens in the end of August and beginning of September. The tree attains a good size, is vigorous, and bears well; the flowers are very small, and of a pale red colour, and are produced at the same time as the leaves. This is the Sweet or Jordan Almond of the fruit shops. It very frequently has a double kernel.’ [Hogg – Fruit Manual p.3/1884].

Horticultural & Botanical History

‘This sort is budded upon the others, and is grown in gardens to produce the young almonds, which in France are eaten fresh in July, the kernel being sweet and well flavoured.’ [George Lindley – Orchard Guide p.2/1831].

I have no specific information on the history of this almond but it presumably originated in the Middle East in the vicinity of Jordan. The name Jordan Almond is now used commonly to describe sugared almonds, particularly those from Italy.

The almond ‘À Coque Tendre’ is beautifully figured in Pomona Franconica [Pomona Franconica vol.1, t.5/1776], the illustration used here.


History at Camden Park

Listed in all published catalogues as ‘Jordon Almond’ [Almond no.1/1843].


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Figured is a fruiting shoot with leaves, green fruit, nut and an opened almond. Pomona Franconica vol.1, t.5, 1776.

Prunus dulcis ‘À Coque Tendre’ | Mayer - Pomona Franconica vol.1, t.5/1776| Pomologische Bibliothek


Family Rosaceae
Region of origin

Garden origin, probably Jordan

  • Tender-Shelled Almond
  • À Coque Tendre
  • A Noyau Tendre
  • Doux à Coque Tendre
  • Sultan à Coque Tendre
  • Des Dames
  • A Coque Tendre et à Fruit Douce
  • Douce à la Peau Molle
  • Soft- Shell Sweet
  • Ladies’ Thin-Shell
  • Damen
  • Prinzessin
  • Süsse Krachmandel
  • AbelIan
  • Princesse


Common Name

Almond, Soft-Shell Almond

Name in the Camden Park Record

Jordon Almond

Confidence level high