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Prunus domestica ‘Reine Claude’

A Prunus domestica L. cultivar. ‘Reine Claude’ is a synonym of ‘Green Gage’, which see for more detail.

Horticultural & Botanical History

The plum ‘Reine Claude' is listed separately by Macarthur in all editions of the catalogues and this is continued in the Hortus. It seems likely that the plums listed as ‘Green Gage’ and ‘Reine Claude’ did differ somewhat from each other, in size, colour or in general quality. These comments by William Hooker in the Pomona Londinensis perhaps provide an explanation. ‘The Green Gage is said to be capable of being reproduced by seed, with little, or sometimes without any, perceptible variation; and it is worthy of observation, that in our gardens, as well as in those of the French, there are many varieties of this fruit differing from each other in the size and colour, as well as in the quality of the fruit.  It is therefore of importance to those cultivators who wish to obtain trees or to insert buds of this variety, to be acquainted with the produce of the trees from whence these are taken.’  [PL vol.1, pl.38/1818].

Saint-Hilaire figures both ‘Petite Reine Claude’ and ‘Grosse Reine Claude’, differing only in size, and a third, almost identical, plum called ‘Id Dauphine’, by which appears to be meant ‘Grosse Dauphine’. ‘Dauphine’ is another accepted synonym of ‘Green Gage’ [Saint-Hilaire pl.224/1830]. Don regards 'Reine Claude’ as a variety of ‘Green Gage’ and notes a number of ‘Reine Claude’ varieties.

History at Camden Park

Listed in all published catalogues as ‘Reine Claude’ [Plum no.4/1843].


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Figured are 7 round plums, 3 green, 3 green with a red blush, and 1 purple. Saint-Hilaire pl.224, 1830.

Prunus domestica ‘Reine Claude’ | Saint-Hilaire pl.224/1830 | BHL. Grosse Reine Claude and Petitie Reine Claude are centre left and centre, with a red blush.


Family Rosaceae
Region of origin

Garden origin, France

  • Green Gage
  • and others


Common Name

Dessert Plum, Culinary Plum, summer to autumn

Name in the Camden Park Record

Reine Claude 

Confidence level high