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Prunus domestica ‘Lawrence’

A Prunus domestica L. cultivar. I have found no record of a plum called ‘Lawrence’s Orleans’ but it is probably ‘Lawrence’s Favourite’, also called ‘Lawrence’. ‘Fruit large, round, and flattened at both ends. Skin dull yellowish-green, streaked with darker green on the side exposed to the sun, veined with brown, and covered all over with thin grey bloom. Stalk half an inch long, inserted in a narrow cavity. Flesh greenish, tender, melting, and juicy, rich, sugary, and with a fine vinous, brisk flavour, separating from the stone. Shoots downy. A delicious dessert plum. Ripe in the beginning of September.’ [Hogg – Fruit Manual p.245/1860].



Horticultural & Botanical History

‘This variety is surpassed in the quality of its fruits by few plums. The trees bear young and abundantly and the fruit hangs well on the tree; unfortunately, the plums do not ship nor keep well and the variety thus fails as a market sort. It is, however, a delicious dessert fruit, deserving to be grown in every plum connoisseur's garden. Lawrence is a seedling of Reine Claude, and was grown by L. V. Lawrence of Hudson, New York, some time during the second quarter of the last century. As its large size and superior quality became known its popularity increased, until it was cultivated not only in America, but to some extent throughout western Europe.’ [Plums of New York p.266].

The Lawrence Plum is figured in Pomona Brittanica [PB pl.XIV/1812.].



History at Camden Park

Listed in Addenda to the 1857 catalogue as ‘Lawrence’s Orleans’ [Plum no.14/1857].




The identification of this plum is uncertain. L. V. Lawrence gave his name to another plum, ‘Lawrence’s Early’. ‘This plum differs from the well-known American variety, Lawrence, in that it is smaller, of poorer quality, purple and earlier.’ [Plums of New York p.482].



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Family Rosaceae
Region of origin

Garden origin, USA

  • Lawrence’s Favourite
  • Lawrence’s Gage
  • Lawrence’s Reine Claude


Common Name

Dessert Plum, late summer, autumn

Name in the Camden Park Record

Lawrence’s Orleans



Confidence level medium