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Prunus domestica ‘Belle de Septembre’

A Prunus domestica L. cultivar. ‘Fruit large, roundish-oval, marked with a shallow suture. Skin thin, violet-red, thickly covered with yellow dots, and a thin blue bloom. Stalk half an inch long, slender, inserted in a shallow cavity. Flesh yellowish-white, firm, juicy, sweet, and aromatic. Shoots downy. A first-rate plum for cooking or preserving; it furnishes a fine crimson juice or syrup. Ripe in the beginning and middle of October.’ [Hogg – Fruit Manual p.231/1860].



Horticultural & Botanical History

‘Belle is an unusually large, handsome plum but unfortunately is not of very high quality. It is much like Pond but is brighter red, a little smaller, less necked, the stem is shorter, the apex more blunt and it is more of a clingstone. European authorities say that Belle is second to none for culinary purposes and its handsome appearance gives it value across the seas as a dessert plum. […] Belle came from Brussels, Belgium, and was propagated by the famous horticulturist, Van Mons. Nothing further is known of its origin.’ [Plums of New York p.158].

‘This proves to be a useful variety. It is large, oval, of a bright red colour. In England it does not ripen till the middle of October, and it is very hardy, excellent kitchen fruit.’ [Gard. Chron. 1854].



History at Camden Park

Listed in Addenda to the 1857 catalogue as ‘Belle de Septembre’ [Plum no.18/1857].




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Figured is a shoot with ovate, toothed leave, 3 red skinned plums, a sectioned plum and stones. Plums of New York p.158, 1911.

Prunus domestica ‘Belle de Septembre’ | Plums of New York p.158/1911, as 'Belle' | BHL


Family Rosaceae
Region of origin

Garden origin, Belgium

  • Belle
  • Autumn Beauty
  • Lawrence Early
  • Gros Rouge de Septembre
  • Reine-Claude Rouge de Septembre
  • Reine-Claude Rouge de Van Mons
  • Reina Nova
  • Rote Claude
  • Van Mons Red Gage
  • and others, similar


Common Name

Culinary Plum, autumn

Name in the Camden Park Record

Belle de Septembre 



Confidence level high