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Premna integrifolia L.

Tree with ovate leaves. sometimes toothed, to 8cm long. and loose panicles of strongly scented greenish-white flowers in spring.  To 3.5m.  [RHSD].

Horticultural & Botanical History

‘[Premna serratifolia] A large shrub or small ramous tree, common in the woods in Bengal, is in blossom during th rainy months of July and August.  The whole plant has a heavy unpleasant smell, nearly the same as in some of the other species of this genus.’  [Roxburgh FI iii p.77].  Introduced to Britain in 1827.  [RHSD].

History at Camden Park

Viburnum chinense is marked with a ‘c’ in an 1836 edition of Loddiges’ catalogue held at Camden Park [CPA].  In William Macarthur’s code, used and explained elsewhere, this means grown at Camden.  It is almost certain that it was grown in the gardens around this time but may have been short lived as it did not appear in the catalogues.


This plant could possibly be Viburnum odoratissimum Ker-Gawl., synonym Viburnum sinensis Zeyh. which see.  This plant was listed in all published catalogues.

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Family Caprifoliaceae
Region of origin

East Indies

  • Viburnum chinense Hook. & Arne.
  • Premna spinosa Roxb.
  • Premna serratifolia Willd.
Common Name

Headache tree

Name in the Camden Park Record

Viburnum chinense 

Confidence level medium