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Pittosporum eugenoides A.Cunn.

Large shrub or small tree with narrowly oval, undulate leaves, to 10cm long and 3cm wide, paler beneath, and terminal clusters of honey-scented yellowish flowers.  Also occurs in a variegated form.  To 13m.  [RHSD, Hilliers’, Annals of the Missouri Botanic Garden v.43, p.179/1956].

Horticultural & Botanical History

No specific data on its introduction to gardens.

History at Camden Park

Listed only in the 1857 catalogue [T.758/1857].  Macrocarpum is possibly a missplelling of microcarpum.  Such errors are not uncommon in the Catalogues.  Known to have been possessed by Baron von Huegel under the name Pittosporum microcarpum, given to him by Alan Cunningham in 1833.  [Quoted in the Annals of the Missouri Botanic Garden v.43, p.181/1956].  Baron von Huegel visited William Macarthur at Camden soon after this.


Pittosporum terminalioides Planch. ex Gray var. macrocarpum Sherff is unlikely to be Macarthur’s plant.  Named Pittosporum terminalioides in 1854, and var. macrocarpum much later.

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Family Pittosporaceae
Region of origin

New Zealand

  • Pittosporum microcarpum Putterl.
  • Pittosporum enkianthoides R.Cunn. & Hueg.
  • Pittosporum umbellatum A.Cunn.
  • Pittosporum elegans Raoul
Common Name


Name in the Camden Park Record

Pittosporum macrocarpum

Confidence level medium