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Pinus teocote Schied. ex Schldl. & Cham.

Frost-hardy tree with thick, furrowed bark towards the base of the trunk, orange-red to brown and thinner above, needles usually 3 per fascicle, and solitary or paired, ovoid cones, to 9cm.  To 30m.  [RHSD, Hortus].

Horticultural & Botanical History

Introduced to Britain in 1826.  [JD].  ‘Pinus teocote Schlecht. & Cham.  Nuevo Leon to Tepic and Chiapas; type from Mount Orizaba.  Tree, 20 to 35 meters high; bark at first thin, red, deciduous, in age thick and rough; leaves 10 to 20 cm. long; cones spreading or reflexed, brown or sublustrous.  The following names are said to be applied to the tree in various localities: “Jalocote,” “xalcotl” (Nahuatl), “ocote,” “ocotl,” “pino real.”  The tree produces turpentine (“ocotzol,” “trementina de pino,” “trementina de ocote”) which is used in medicine as a balsamic stimulant, and for other purposes for which turpentine is generally employed.  The tar (“brea”) remaining after the distillation of turpentine is used for making torches, in soap, etc.’  [Contributions from the US National Herbarium – Trees and Shrubs of Mexico vol. 23 part 1, p.56/1920].  Leaves, female cones and seeds are figured in Die Coniferen.  [Die Coniferen t.XV/1840-41].

History at Camden Park

Listed in the 1845, 1850 and 1857 catalogues [C.75/1845].


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Leaves, female cones and seeds are figured.  Die Coniferen t.XV, 1840-41.

Pinus teocote Schied. ex Schldl. & Cham. | Die Coniferen t.XV/1840-41 | BHL.  Pinus teocote is fig.iii on the right.

Family Pinaceae
Region of origin


  • Pinus teocote macrocarpa Shaw
Common Name

Twisted leaf pine

Name in the Camden Park Record

Pinus Teocote 

Confidence level high