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Nerine humilis (Jacq.) Herb.

Bulbous perennial with four to six spreading or prostrate, strap-sheped leaves and a loose umbel of 1-8 pale to deep pink flowers with undulating margins.  To 40cm.  [RHSD, CECB].

Horticultural & Botanical History

First botanically described by Jacquin as Amaryllis humilis [Jacquin Sch. vol.1, p.36/1797]. Transferred to Nerine by Herbert in 1820 [BM t. 2124/1820].

‘Our drawing was made at Messrs. Colville’s Nursery, in the King's Road, where it flowers freely every year towards the latter end of the Summer, is often taken for undulata, and in some gardens is called crispa, the name of a very distinct species.  We know nothing of the time when nor by whom it was imported.  Jacquin received his bulbs from the Cape.’  [BM t.726/1804].

History at Camden Park

Marked with a ‘c’, denoting grown at Camden, in an 1836 edition of Loddiges’ Nursery catalogue held at Camden Park.  [CPA].  Although almost certainly grown at Camden it did not appear in the 1843 or subsequent catalogues and may have been lost.


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Shown are leaves and an umbel of rose pink flowers with narrow, reflexed segments.  Curtis's Botanical Magazine t.726, 1804.

Nerine humilis (Jacq.) Herb. | BM t.726/1804 | BHL


Family Amaryllidaceae
Region of origin

South Africa

  • Amaryllis humilis Jacq.
  • Imhofia humilis (Jacq.) Kuntze
  • Loxanthes humilis (Jacq.) Salisb.
  • Nerine breachiae W.F.Barker
  • Nerine flexuosa Herb., p.p.
  • Nerine flexuosa var. pulchella (Herb.) Baker
  • Nerine humilis subsp. fera (W.F.Barker) Traub
  • Nerine humilis f. fera W.F.Barker
  • Nerine peersii W.F.Barker
  • Nerine pulchella Herb.
  • Nerine tulbaghensis W.F.Barker


Common Name
Name in the Camden Park Record

Nerine humilis 


Confidence level high