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Myrica quercifolia L.

Half hardy evergreen shrub with lobed, oak-like leaves, the axillary flowers in catkins, followed by round berries which exude a wax when ripe, this drying to a white, scaly powder.  to 1m. [JD, Pappe – Silva Capensis p.45/1862].

Horticultural & Botanical History

Introduced to Britain in 1752.  The common name derives from the high yield of wax derived from Myrica cerifera and its use in making candles.  [JD].  Figured in Fragmenta Botanica [Jacquin pl.1/1809]. Myrica quercifolia is the oak-leaved plant on the far left.

History at Camden Park

Listed in all published catalogues.  Possibly imported to assess its value as a source of candle wax.  See also Myrica cerifera L. 


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A number of plants are figured together with flowers and fruits in some detail.   Jacquin pl.1, 1809.

Myrica quercifolia L. | Jacquin pl.1/1809 | BHL. Myrica quercifolia is the oak-leaved plant on the far left.

Family Myricaceae
Region of origin

South Africa

  • Morella quercifolia (L.) Killick
Common Name

Candleberry myrtle

Name in the Camden Park Record

Myrica quercifolia 

Confidence level high