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Malus domestica ‘Kerry Pippin’

‘[The Kerry Pippin] is one of the best varieties of its season, ripening just after the Devonshire Quarenden; like which variety it is, however, of short duration. […] The fruit is seldom larger than represented in the plate; its form usually almost globular, having some plaits or wrinkles about the eye, and a few broad projecting folds surrounding the stalk; a slightly furrowed mark, as shown on the largest fruit in the figure, is frequently observed.  The skin is of a fine straw colour, shaded with deeper yellow, striped and speckled with fine red, highly polished.  The flesh is yellow, tender, sweet, and well flavoured. […] This variety has been long cultivated in Ireland, though little known in this country: its conspicuous appearance and good qualities, however, justly entitle it to a place in every collection.’  [PL pl.20/1818].



Horticultural & Botanical History

‘An early dessert apple of the highest excellence; It is in use during September and October. The tree is a free grower, hardy, and a good bearer, attaining about the middle size. It is well adapted for grafting on the paradise stock, and being grown either as a dwarf, or espalier. This variety was introduced chiefly through the instrumentality of Mr. Robertson, the nurseryman of Kilkenny, in Ireland.’ [BP p.122/1851].

‘A very good middle sized fruit.’  [David Crichton NHM vol.1 p60/1864].



History at Camden Park

Listed as ‘Kerry Pippin, apple no.72’ in a hand written list of apples in an 1850 catalogue held at Camden Park [CPA]. Most of the plants hand-written in this catalogue subsequently appeared in the 1857 catalogue. That the apples did not is probably an oversight.




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The apple figured has pale yellow-green skin flushed pink and with fine red streaking. Pomona Londinensis pl.20, 1818.

Apple ‘Kerry Pippin’ | PL pl.20/1818 | HAAB


Family Rosaceae
Region of origin

Garden origin, probably Ireland

Common Name

Apple, Dessert apple

Name in the Camden Park Record

Kerry Pippin 



Confidence level high