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Malus domestica ‘Devonshire Redstreak’

Fruit; medium size, roundish. Skin; deep, clear yellow, streaked with red on the shaded side, deeper red next the sun. Flesh; yellow, firm, crisp, and rather dry. [HP pl.XI/1878].

Horticultural & Botanical History

An old variety of cider apple, certainly before the 18th century. The author of the Herefordshire Pomona commented: ‘As a distinct variety the Redstreak has now ceased to exist, and it may be added that the loss is not to be lamented,’ although an earlier author had written that ‘its sweet and pleasant cider was a fitting present for princes.’ The Gardeners Chronicle of 1851 commented that the Redstreak was at one period unsurpassed, but now comparatively little cultivated. ‘Perhaps there is no apple which at any period created such a sensation, and of which so much was said and written during the 17th century as of the Redstreak.’ 

In the Herefordshire Pomona the Devonshire Redstreak was discussed under cider apples: ‘An apple of middle size – good for cider or pot fruit. It is much grown in Worcestershire and Gloucestershire, and about Ledbury. The tree has a drooping habit and bears well every or every other year. Its fruit is mid-season and makes good cider.’ [HP pl.XI/1878].

‘An old apple, and highly esteemed in the West of England, it is of middle size, globular, but a little oval, straw-colored, with a good deal of scarlet striping; the flavor is poignant, with plenty of juice and acid. It is excellent either for the dessert, or for cider, and will keep in perfection till January.’ [Hogg p.227/1851].


History at Camden Park

Published in the 1850 and 1857 catalogues [Apple no.47/1850]. 


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8 varieties of apple are figured all small, yellow or green, red-flushed or russety. Herefordshire Pomona pl.11, 1878.

Apple ‘Devonshire Redstreak’ | HP pl.11/1878 - Devonshire Redstreak is the apple at top centre | RBGS


Family Rosaceae
Region of origin

Garden origin, probably Devonshire, England

Common Name

Apple, Dessert apple, Cider apple

Name in the Camden Park Record

Devonshire Redstreak 

Confidence level high