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Malus domestica ‘Court-Pendû Plat’

‘An estimable dessert apple, of medium size; in shape round, depressed; the colour yellow, a good deal covered with full red; it is of a high sacharrine flavour and of close consistence; the fruit keeps well till February or March. The tree grows upright, and bears well.’ [FCM p.43/1845].



Horticultural & Botanical History

An old apple probably originating in France. Perhaps not surprisingly a number of apples have been confused with this name. ‘This is not the Capendu of Duhamel, as quoted by Lindley and Downing; neither is it the Court-pendu of Forsyth and De Quintinye, that variety being the Fenouillet Rouge of Duhamel, see No. 123. The Courpendu of Miller is also a different apple from any of those just mentioned, and is distinguished by having a long and slender stalk, “so that the fruit is always hanging downwards.” The name of this variety is derived from Corps pendu translated by some Hanging Body, whereas that of the variety above described, is from Court pendu, signifying suspended short, the stalk being so short, that the fruit, sits, as it were, upon the branch. The name Capendu or Capendua, is mentioned by the earliest authors, but applied to different varieties of apples. It is met with in Ruellius, Tragus, Curtius, and Dalechamp, the latter considering it the Cestiana of Pliny. Curtius applies the name to a yellow apple, and so also does Ruellius.’ [Hogg p.64/1851]. HP pl.XLIX/1878.

Described and figured in the Pomological Magazine [PM t.66/1829].



History at Camden Park

Listed as ‘Court-Pendû Plat, apple no.62’ in a hand written list of apples in an 1850 catalogue held at Camden Park [CPA]. Most of the plants hand-written in this catalogue subsequently appeared in the 1857 catalogue. That the apples did not is probably an oversight.




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The apple figured has yellow skin, largely covered with bright red. Pomological Magazine t.66, 1829.

Apple ‘Court-Pendû Plat’ | PM t.66/1829 | BHL


Family Rosaceae
Region of origin

Garden origin, probably France

  • Court-Pendû
  • Court-Pendû Rouge
  • Garnon’s Apple
  • Princess Noble
  • and many others


Common Name

Apple, Dessert apple, Cider apple

Name in the Camden Park Record

Court-Pendû Plat  



Confidence level high