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Justicia carthaginensis Jacq.

Frost tender evergreen shrub with purple flowers.  To 50cm. ‘A native of the West Indies, whence it was introduced into this country a few years since.  The blossoms are very beautiful, and of a colour not to be imitated in brightness: they come out with us in the beginning of winter, which of course renders them the more welcome.  It is necessary to preserve it in the stove at all times: it increases freely by cuttings, which should be potted in loam, and in smallish pots, as it is not a very large plant.’  [LBC no.724/1823]    

Horticultural & Botanical History

First botanically described by Jacquin in 1760 [Jacquin ESP p.11/1760]. Described as Justicia retusa by Vahl in 1805 [Enumerato Plantarum – Vahl vol.1, p.136/1805].

‘Native of the Caribbee Islands; and introduced by Sir Joseph Banks in 1792.

According to Vahl, the species has an herbaceous stem: opposite branches, round at the lower part and smooth at the upper, obtusely four-cornered, and slightly villous. Leaves petioled, from two to three inches long, ovate, tapered to a point at the base, pointed, tender, nerved, nearly without apparent veins, with a few scattered hairs which are thicker on the midrib and nerves. Spikes terminating the branches, generally single, sometimes double, two inches long. Outer bractes scarcely a nail long; inner ones shorter, placed at the bottom of the calyx, cuneate, obtuse. Stigma obtuse. It is said to vary with ovately oblong and elliptically ovate; with the outer bractes roundish oblong or more truly oblong. The lower anther is membranously awned at the base.’ [BR f.797/1824].

History at Camden Park

Listed in the 1850 and 1857 catalogues [T.610/1850].  Obtained from Loddiges’ Nursery, brought out from England by Captain P. P. King.  [ML A1980-3].  


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Illustrated are the ovate, pointed leaves and purple flowers.  Loddiges' Botanical Cabinet no.724, 1823.

Justicia carthaginensis Jacq. as Justicia retusa | LBC no.724/1823 | RBGS

Family Acanthaceae
Region of origin

West Indies

  • Justicia sanctae-martae Lindau
  • Justicia retusa Vahl
  • Ecbolium retusum (Vahl) Kuntze
  • Dicliptera retusa (Vahl) Juss.
  • Amphiscopa retusa (Vahl) Nees
  • Ecbolium carthaginense (Jacq.) Kuntze
  • Adhatoda carthagenensis (Jacq.) Nees
Common Name
Name in the Camden Park Record

Justicia retusa 

Confidence level high