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Jubaea chilensis Baill.

Hardy, large palm with a distinctive columnar, grey trunk, which may be 2m or more in diameter and feathery, spreading fronds.  It produces long spathes which split to reveal numerous small, whitish flowers follwed by distinctive orange fruits.  Both the fruits and the kernels within resemble small coconuts.  To 25m.  [RHSD, Hortus, Jones – Palms]. 

Horticultural & Botanical History

Cocos chiliensis is listed in both the 1830 and 1836 editions of Loddiges’ plant catalogues, copies of which are held at Camden Park.  It is not marked with a ‘c’ in the 1836 edition, suggesting that it was not in the gardens at this time.  Introduced to Britain in 1843 according to the RHSD but clearly it was much earlier than this.

History at Camden Park

Certainly grown at Camden Park by 1853 as plants were sent to the Sydney Botanic Garden in that year.  [RBGS AB].  The gardens and surrounding grounds hold the largest collection of Jubaea chilensis in Australia with upwards of 50 mature specimens. 


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The photograph shows a mature Wine Palm in the Camden Park gardens.

Jubaea chilensis Baill. | Camden Park | George Taylor

Family Arecaceae
Region of origin




  • Jubaea spectabilis H.B. & K.
  • Cocos chilensis Molina 
Common Name

Chilean wine palm, Coquito palm

Name in the Camden Park Record

Cocos chilensis 

Confidence level high