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Angophora hispida (Sm.) Blaxell

Erect to spreading Mallee or small tree with peeling greyish bark and grey-green leaves, purplish when young, heart-shaped at the base and with wavy, scalloped margins, and corymb-like cymes of 3-7 creamy-white flowers in summer.  To 8m  [RHSE, Beadle, FNSW].

Horticultural & Botanical History

‘There is a very remakable difference in the whole habit of this tree, from those species which approach so near to Melaleuca, as scarcely to be distinguished but by the filaments being unconnected.  These last, however, are separated from Metrosideros, by Mr. Brown, under the name of Callistemon.  Communicated by Mr. Whitley, in July 1809.  Native of New South-Wales.  Is by no means tender, only requiring to be protected from frost.  Propagated by cuttings.  First raised about the year 1787, in the garden of the late Dr. William Pitcairn, at Islington.’  [BM t.1960/1818].  Don.  LBC no.106/1817.

History at Camden Park

Listed only in the 1857 catalogue [T.55/1857]. Probably collected by Macarthur or one of his colleagues on the Central coast near Port Stephens at the Australian Agricultural Company’s property.  It occurrs only in the Sydney Region on Hawkesbury Sandstone and on the Central Coast.  [FNSW].


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Illustrated are the grey-green leaves with wavy margins, and creamy-white flowers.  Curtis's Botanical Magazine t.1960, 1818.

Angophora hispida (Sm.) Blaxell | BM t.1960/1818 | BHL

Family Myrtaceae
Region of origin

Eastern Australia

  • Angophora cordata Vis.
  • Angophora cordifolia Cav.
  • Metrosideros hispida Sm.
  • Metrosideros hirsuta Andr.
  • Metrosideros anomala Vent.
  • Metrosideros cordifolia (Cav.) Pers.
  • Eucalyptus hispida (Sm.) Brooker
  • Eucalyptus hirsuta Link
Common Name

Dwarf or Scrub Apple

Name in the Camden Park Record

Angophora cordata 

Confidence level high