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Amelanchier canadensis Medik.

Deciduous tree with toothed, ovate, usually cordate, wooly leaves, to 8cm long, and drooping racemes of white flowers followed by sweet maroon-purple fruits, to 1cm across.  Gives good autumn colour.  To 10m.  [RHSD, Hortus, Hilliers’].

Horticultural & Botanical History

‘A handsome hardy shrub, resembling the Snowy Mespilus in general appearance, but distinguished from that, and all other species of the genus, by its young leaves being perfectly destitute of pubescence.  A native of Hudson’s Bay, whence living plants were sent to the Horticultural Society by William Williams, Esq., Governor of Moose Factory, in 1824.  We possess specimens collected by the late Mr. Frazer, in the southern states of North America; and Pursh gives the banks of the Columbia as another station: but it is to be suspected that he confounded with it two very distinct species seen by Mr. Douglas in that country.’  [BR f.1171/1828].  Lindley relates this plant to Mespilus Canadensis rotundifolia Michx. but considers it to be distinct from the Snowy Mespilus.  He probably intended Amelanchier canadensis Medik. but this common name has been given to several species.

History at Camden Park

Listed only in the 1857 catalogue [T.678/1857].


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Figured are toothed leaves, racemes of small white flowers and a single purple fruit.  Botanical Register f.1171, 1828.

Amelanchier canadensis Medik. | BR f.1171/1828 | BHL

Family Rosaceae
Region of origin

Eastern North America

  • Mespilus nivea Marsh.
  • Mespilus canadensis L.
  • Mespilus amelanchier var. nivea (Marsh.) Castigl.
  • Mespilus arborea Michx.
  • Pyrus botryapium L.
  • Pyrus wangenheimiana Tausch
  • Crataegus racemosa Lam.
  • Aronia botryapium Pers.
  • Aronia cordata Raf.
  • Amelanchier sanguinea Lindl.
  • Amelanchier ovalis Hook.
Common Name

Service berry, June berry, Shadbush, Snowy mespilus

Name in the Camden Park Record

Mespilus nivea 

Confidence level high