Jasminum didymum G.Forst. G.Forst. subsp. didymum

Frost tender, tall woody climber with very variable three-foliate leaves, the leaflets somewhat ovate to lance-shaped, to 8cm long, and axillary or terminal racemes of pure white flowers, each to 2cm long.  [Don].

Horticultural & Botanical History

‘This very pretty jasmine is a native of tropical and sub-tropical Australia, and extends into the Pacific, inhabiting Lord Howe’s Island, New Caledonia, the Fijis, and Timor; in all these countries frequenting sandy ridges and cliffs, etc., near the sea.  It forms a very elegant hothouse climber, with bright green glossy leaves, and pendulous festoons of white flowers, which appear in mid-winter.’  Probably introduced to Kew Gardens by Mr. Milne, botanist on Captain Denham’s Pacific voyage.  [BM t.6349/1878].

History at Camden Park

Listed in the 1850 and 1857 catalogues [T.592/1850].  I have no information on the source of the Camden plants, but the date suggests that it may have been collected by Bidwill in Tahiti.  Joseph Banks records seeing this species at Otaheite [Tahiti], Society Islands, in 1769.  [Banks Florilegium, Part 29, Plate 619].  It may have had a more local origin.  Jasminum didymum G.Forst. subsp. didymium occurs in coastal Tropical Australia.  If this is the correct identification of Macarthur’s ‘Jasminum didymium’ it would have been difficult but not impossible to obtain from within Australia at this time.  Another subspecies, Jasminum didymum subsp. lineare (R.Br.) P.S.Green, which see, occurs further south, but this is listed separately in the catalogues as Jasminum lineare.


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Figured are trifoliate leaves, panicle of small white flowers and purple fruits.  Curtis's Botanical Magazine t.6349/1878.

Jasminum didymum Forst. | BM t.6349/1878 | BHL

More details about Jasminum didymum G.Forst. G.Forst. subsp. didymum
Family Oleaceae
Region of origin

Northern Australia and the Pacific Islands


Jasminum didymum Forst.

Common Name
Name in the Camden Park Record

Jasminum didymium 

Confidence level high