Glycine backhousiana Lem.

No description at present.  Listed in Johnson’s Dictionary and Paxton’s Dictionary, but no details given other than that it is a tender evergreen climber.  

Horticultural & Botanical History

Glycine backhousiana Lem. was published in Hort. Vanhoutt. i. Fasc. 2, 39, 1846.  I have been unable to sight this reference and have found no other source of information.

History at Camden Park

Listed only in the 1857 catalogue [T.522/1857].  Glycine backhousiana was presumably named for James Backhouse, the York nurseryman.  He visited Australia as part of a world tour in the 1830s.  He visited William Macarthur at Camden Park, corresponded with him from time to time subsequently and supplied many plants to the gardens.  It is possible that Macarthur obtained Glycine backhousiana from Backhouse.


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More details about Glycine backhousiana Lem.
Family Fabaceae
Region of origin


Common Name
Name in the Camden Park Record

Glycine Backhousiana 

Confidence level low