Arbutus unedo L. var. serratifolia

See Arbutus unedo L. for more detail on the species. Serratifolia has serrated leaves.

Horticultural & Botanical History

‘By some this plant is considered to be a variety of Arbutus Andrachne, although it certainly differs widely in the form of its leaves, which are much narrower, longer, and serrated, while those of the Andrachne are quite entire, almost round, and have very long petioles.  The flowers are differently formed, and larger in our plant, and the bark of the stems and branches does not shed so regularly as in the other.  It is supposed to be a native of the East, and has long been cultivated in England: its usual season for flowering is about February or March, and the blossoms are fragrant.  It is almost hardy, requiring only slight protection in very severe winters.  It may be raised by layers, or by budding upon the common Arbutus.’  [LBC no.580/1821]. 

History at Camden Park

Desideratum to Loddiges Nursery, 6th January 1845.  [MP A2933-2, p.28].  There are no further records and it is not known if this plant was received and grown in the gardens.


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Figured are toothed, lance-shaped leaves and terminal panicle of white flowers.  Loddiges Botanical Cabinet no.580, 1821.

Arbutus unedo L. var. serratifolia | LBC no.580/1821 | RBGS

More details about Arbutus unedo L. var. serratifolia
Family Ericaceae
Region of origin



Arbutus serratifolia Salisb.

Common Name

Saw-leaf strawberry tree

Name in the Camden Park Record

Arbutus serratifolia 

Confidence level high