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Wikstroemia indica (L.) C.A.Mey.

Small tree or shrub, sometimes low and spreading, sometimes arborescent, with glossy ovate leaves, to 6cm long, and terminal fower heads of few greenish yellow to white flowers, followed by red, toxic fruits.  To 1.5m.  [FNSW, Flora Australiensis].

Horticultural & Botanical History

Originally introduced to Europe from China rather than Australia.

‘N. Australia.  Arnhem N. bay, R. Brown; Cleveland Bay, N. W. coast, A.


Queensland.  Shoal Bay passage, R. Brown ; Port Denison, Fitzalan; Edgecombe and Rockingham bays, Dallachy ; Rockhampton, Thozet; Logan river, A. Cunningham, Frazer ; Burnett and Brisbane rivers, F. Mueller.

N. S. Wales. Port Jackson to the Blue Mountains, R. Brown, A. & R. Cunningham, and others ; northward to Hastings and Clarence rivers, Beckler; New England, C. Stuart, and numerous stations in Leichhardt’s collection ; southward to Illawarra, Herb. F. Mueller (without the collector’s name).  [FA vol.6, p.37/1873].  

History at Camden Park

Listed only in the 1857 catalogue [T.373/1857].  As indicated in Flora Australiensis widespread species and Macarthur could have collected his plants from a number of places, including locally.


A less likely possibility is Daphne indica Loisel, a synonym of Daphne odora Thunb. which see.

Daphne odora generally passed in our nurseries for some years as the indica, described by Osbeck as having opposite leaves and a stem only a span in height; which species has probably never been seen in this country.  That, however, described as the indica, by Loureiro, seems to be very similar to odora, and may, perhaps, only be a variety of it with opposite leaves.’  I assume that D. indica Loisel. = D. indica Lour.  [BM t.1587/1813].

Daphne indica Schangin  = Daphne altaica Pall., a siberian species.

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Family Thymelaeaceae
Region of origin

Sub-tropical China to sub-tropical Australia

  • Wikstroemia viridiflora Meisn.
  • Daphne indica L.
  • Daphne cannabina Lour.
  • Daphne viridiflora Wall.
Common Name
Name in the Camden Park Record

Daphne Indica 

Confidence level medium