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Rosa ‘Fortune's double yellow’

Usually classified as a Tea rose, ‘Fortune's Double Yellow’ is a very free-flowering, small climber or pillar rose, very prickly, with medium-sized, loosely double flowers which can vary from primrose yellow to apple-blossom pink on the same plant.  A beautiful rose, in my garden its flowers tend more towards pink.

Horticultural & Botanical History

It was introduced from China in 1845 by Robert Fortune, probably from Fa Tree Nursery, Canton, where it was known as ‘Wang-jang-ve’.  Paul hypothesised that it is a cross between Rosa banksiae and the Yellow China.  [1888, 1903)].  Ellen Willmot quotes Robert Fortune on first sighting this rose: ‘On entering one of the gardens on a fine morning in May, I was struck by a mass of yellow flowers, which completely covered a distinct part of the wall; the colour was not a common yellow, but had something of buff in it, which gave the flowers a striking and uncommon appearance.’  [Willmot].  It is figured in the Floricultural Cabinet and the Flore des Serres.  [FC p.291/1852, FS f.769/1853].

History at Camden Park

This rose is listed on a hand written page - 18(a) - in an 1850 catalogue held at the Mitchell Library [ML 635.9m], possibly in Sir William's hand.  It appeared in printed form in 1857 [T.905/1857].


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Figured is a spiny shoot, pinnate leaves and yellow to buff yellow, double flowers.  Flore des Serres f.769, 1853.

Rosa ‘Fortune's double yellow’ | FS f.769/1853 | BHL


Family Rosaceae
Region of origin


  • Beauty of Glazenwood
  • San Rafael rose
  • Gold of Ophir
  • Rosa x odorata Sweet pseudindica
  • Rosa chinensis Jacq. var. pseudo-indica


Common Name
Name in the Camden Park Record

Rosa Fortune's yellow

Confidence level high