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Veronica spicata L. var. hybrida

Perennial herb with erect hairy stems, shallowly toothed, lance-shaped leaves and densely-flowered, terminal spikes of blue flowers.  To 60cm.  [RHSD].  This plant is not a hybrid and is now considered to be a form of Veronica spicata L. which see.  

Horticultural & Botanical History

‘V. hybrida.  Welsh Speedwell.  Larger and rather more hairy, especially about the calyx, than the preceding [Veronica spicata L.], having usually 1 or 2 lateral spikes, or rudiments of them.  The lower leaves are nearly ovate, being abrupt at the base, towards the footstalks.  All the leaves are of a broader, rather elliptical, figure; their serratures stronger, more copious and general, and their hue a more grassy green.  These two species are certainly very near akin, but Professor Schrader, one of the greatest European botanists, keeps them distinct.’  [The English Flora vol.1, p.17/1824].

Figured as a variety of Veronica spicata in English Botany: ‘Whole plant larger, and with broader leaves than in var. [genuina]’ [English Botany vol.6, p.162, t.DCCCCLXXXIII/1866].

A native of Britain and no doubt used since ancient times for garden decoration. 

History at Camden Park

Listed only in the 1857 catalogue [T.983/1857].


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Figured are lance-shaped, toothed leaves and pyramidal raceme of purple-blue flowers.  English Botany pl.DCCCCLXXXIII/1866.

Veronica spicata L. var. hybrida | English Botany vol.6,  t.DCCCCLXXXIII/1866

Family Scrophulariaceae
Region of origin

Britain, particularly Wales

  • Veronica hybrida L.
Common Name
Name in the Camden Park Record

Veronica hybrida

Confidence level high