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Phlox ‘Van Houtii’

It was described in the Botanical Register as a garden hybrid, possibly a cross between P. carolina and P. sauveolens, ‘leaving on a white ground a crimson evidence of its paternity.  The appearance of the plant is beautiful, far beyond anything yet seen in the genus Phlox; and we were almost going to say, beyond any thing among the hardy perennials in cultivation.’  It is a later flowerer, the plant figured having pinkish-purple flowers with white edges. the panicles were large and resembled a modern pernnial phlox. It grows to about 45cm.  [BR f.5/1843].



Horticultural & Botanical History

Phlox ‘Van Houtii’ was raised by Louis Van Houtte, a nurseryman of Ghent in Belgium, and sent to London in 1842.  [BR f.5/1843].

Phloxes may with propriety be registered with the most showy and valuable of hardy herbaceous plants, for the magnitude and density of their panicles of prettily-rounded and lively-coloured blossoms give a most attractive and gay appearance to the borders during the flowering season.  Of late years many beautiful additions have been made to the varieties in cultivation by hybridising; and almost every shade of colour now exists, from pure white to a fine crimson purple.’  One such addition was Van Houtte’s Phlox.  [MB p.173/1844].

‘This very beautiful variety of Phlox we received from M. Louis van Houtte of Ghent; although the entire family of Phloxes deserves a place in every flower garden, this variety has especial recommendations, and is one of the handsomest border perennials grown.’  [FC p.74/1843].



History at Camden Park

Listed only in the 1857 catalogue [T.751/1857].




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Shown is a flowering shoot with terminal panicle of starry purplish-pink flowers with white edge.  Botanical Register f.5, 1843.

Phlox ‘Van Houtii’  | BR f.5/1843 | BHL


Family Polemoniaceae
Region of origin

Garden origin, Belgium

Common Name
Name in the Camden Park Record

Phlox Van Houtii 



Confidence level high