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Pelargonium cultivars

Florist’s Geranium: ‘A circle, without indentation; smooth at the edges, thick, rich texture; colours well defined; truss five pips or more, forming a large showy head of bloom; marking decided, the greater contrast the better.’  [FC p.9/1848]. 


Horticultural & Botanical History

The florist’s geranium is actually a hybrid pelargonium of complex origin with two southern African species, Pelargonium inquinans Soland. and Pelargonium zonale L’Hérit. certainly involved, the former particularly in the scarlet geraniums, the latter in the zonal-leaved.  Florist’s geraniums were very popular in the middle 19th century with hundreds of named varieties.  Pelargonium inquinans was introduced to Britain in 1714 [PD] and P. zonale in 1710 [JD].  


History at Camden Park

Listed in all published catalogues [T.531/1843]. The plants listed as 'Geraniums many varieties' are certainly Florist’s Geraniums.  Only three named varieties are listed in the catalogues.  See also Pelargonium 'Bride of Abydos’, 'Carlos' and 'Golden Chain'.


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Pictured are a geranium with purple and white flower and a begonia with red and white flowers.

Pelargonium 'Mary Queen of Scots' | FC p.241/1846 | BHL. This flower shows the almost perfectly circular shape desired by the florist.


Family Geraniaceae
Region of origin

Garden origin, England and Europe

Common Name

Florists’ Geranium

Name in the Camden Park Record

Geraniums (many varieties) 


Confidence level high