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Narcissus tazetta subsp. tazetta var. ‘Trewianus’

Narcissus Trewianus is a bulbous perennial with strap-shaped leaves and an umbel of flowers with a white perianth and yellow corona, very similar to, if not identical with Narcissus ‘Baselman Major’ Trew.  [Baker Am.].  See also Narcissus ‘Baselman Minor’.

Horticultural & Botanical History

Narcissus trewianus first used by Ker Gawler in 1810 [BM t.1301/1810], as a correction to BM t.940/1806, where the plant was described and named as Narcissus orientalis. Now considered synonymous with Narcissus tazetta subsp. tazetta. The varietal name is included to assist differentiation.

Baker includes Hermione Trewiana as a synonym of Hermione lacticolor.  Narcissus ‘Bagelman major’ is considered to be synonymous.  [RHS - Botanical names in the genus Narcissus.  See also BM t.940/1806].  According to Herbert a hybrid between Hermione, a form of Narcissus tazetta, and N. poeticus.  ‘This is one of the most common and beautiful of the Narcissi, sold in the seed shops, and requires only the ordinary treatment of Hyacinths and other Dutch bulbs.’  [OFG f.275/1854].  ‘A species which, like many more, has possibly risen from seed in the Dutch gardens. […] To the florist its chief merit consists in the fragrance of its flowers, which resemble that of our Primrose peerless [Narcissus x medioluteus Mill.].  It is hardy, but the largest imported roots seldom bear more than four or five flowers on a stalk.’  [THS vol.1 p.363/1805-1812].  BM t.940/1806 as Narcissus orientalis.

History at Camden Park

Listed in the 1857 catalogue as Narcissus Trewianus [B.350/1857] and in the addendum to the 1857 catalogue as Narcissus Bagelman major [A.63/1857].


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Illustrated is a leaf and flowers with white perianth and frilly orange cup.  Curtis's Botanical Magazine t.940, 1806.

Narcissus ‘Trewianus’ | BM. t.940/1806 as Narcissus orientalis | BHL


Family Amaryllidaceae
Region of origin


  • Narcissus trewianus Ker-Gawl.
  • Narcissus ‘Bagelman major’ Trew.
  • Hermione trewiana Haw.
  • Hermione crenularis Salisb.
  • Narcissus tazetta L. subsp. lacticolor Bak. ‘Trewiana’


Common Name

Narcissus Basselman major, Bagelman major, Tazetta Trewianus

Name in the Camden Park Record

Narcissus Trewianus, Narcissus Bagelman major 


Confidence level high