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Leucocoryne ixioides (Sims) Lindl.

Bulbous perennial with narrow leaves, to 30cm, and a scape of 6-9 perfumed, pale blue, purple or white flowers.  [RHSD, Howard]. 


Horticultural & Botanical History

Originally published as Brodiaea ixioides by Sims [BM t.2382/1823]. Transferred to Leucocoryne by John Lindley in 1829. ‘From Brodiaea this genus [Leucocoryne] differs in the texture of its sterile stamens, and in the place of insertion of its fertile ones: it is also distinguishable by the want of hypogynous scales, which, although not much developed in Br. congesta, undoubtedly exist in Br. grandiflora, where, however, they have been overlooked by Dr. Hooker in the Botanical Magazine, both in his figure and description. The two other species above alluded to as having been found by Mr. M’Rae at the same time with this [Leucocoryne odorata], were [Leucocoryne ixiodes and L. alliaceae both botanically described here]’. [BR sub. t.1293/1829].

Introduced to Britain in 1821.  [JD].  ‘Our plant was communicated by John Walker. Esq. from his collection at Arno’s Grove, Southgate.’  [BM t.2382/1823 as Brodiaea ixioides]. 


History at Camden Park

Not recorded in the catalogues but plants or bulbs were sent to Mr. Newman of Van Diemens Land in 1846 and seeds of a cross between L. ixioides and L. suaveolens were sent to William Herbert in December 1844. 



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Depicted is a grass-like plant with mauve 6-petalled flower.  Curtis's Botanical Magazine t.2382, 1823.

Leucocoryne ixioides Lindl. | BM t.2382/1823 | BHL


Family Alliaceae
Region of origin


  • Brodiaea ixioides Sims 
  • Hyacinthus chilensis Molina
  • Leucocoryne narcissiflora Baker

Common Name

Glory of the sun

Name in the Camden Park Record

Leucocoryne ixioides 


Confidence level high