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Crinum canaliculatum Roxb.

For details see Crinum pedunculatum R.Br. Crinum canaliculatum Roxb. ex Ker Gawl. is now considered to be synonymous with Crinum pedunculatum [The Plant List]. It is retained as a separate entry for convenience and also because of some uncertainty on my part about the geographic origin of the plants described by Roxburgh and Ker Gawler.

Tender bulbous perennial with from 8-14 channelled, smooth-edged leaves, to 1.5m long and 10cm broad.  A single scape, to 60cm, emerges from the lateral leaf axils bearing an umbel of up to 40 pure white, fragrant flowers with long pedicels, similar to Crinum asiaticum.  [Roxburgh FI vol.2, p.132/1832].

Horticultural & Botanical History

First described as Crinum canaliculatum by Roxburgh in 1817 [Journal of Science and the Arts (London) vol.3. p.112/1817]. I have not as yet seen the original publication and have no information of the distribution of the plant described by Roxburgh. His later description in Flora Indica gives no information on distribution [Roxburgh FI vol.2, p.132/1832]. See Crinum pedunculatum R.Br. for further information on the botanical history of this plant.

Introduced to cultivation in 1810.  [PD].

History at Camden Park

Marked with a ‘c’, denoting grown at Camden, in a copy of Loddiges’ Nursery 1836 catalogue held at Camden Park [CPA].  Although almost certainly grown at Camden it did not appear in the 1843 or subsequent catalogues and may have been lost.


Green, Fl. Austral. 49: 510 (1994) considered C. pedunculatum to be part of the widespread C. asiaticum, following Fosberg & Sachet (1987). This view is not generally accepted in Australia. True C. asiaticum occurs on Christmas and Cocos Islands [comment in the on-line version of APNI].

Crinum canaliculatum Carey ex Steud. (1840) = Crinum canalifolium Herb. [BM sub t.2121/1820].

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This beautiful early illustration shows the flowering umbel and broad leaf.

Crinum pedunculatum R.Br. | BR f.52/1815 | BHL


Family Amaryllidaceae
Region of origin

India (?) but see Botanical and Horticultural History

  • Crinum australe var. canaliculatum (Roxb.) Herb.


Common Name
Name in the Camden Park Record

Crinum canaliculatum 


Confidence level high