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Consolida ambigua (L.) P.W.Ball & Heyw.

Fully hardy annual with fern-like leaves and tall spires of flowers in pink, white or violet-blue.  Many garden cultivars exist.  To 1.2m.  [RHSE, Hortus].

Horticultural & Botanical History

Consolida ambigua, the ‘Larkspur’, is a more likely identification than the common garden plants known as ‘Delphinium’ today, which are predominantly hybrids of Delphinium species.  Delphinium ajacis was introduced to Britain in 1573 from Switzerland.  [JD].  Don.  ‘Lark’s-spur.  Delphinium, or Consolida regalis.  It grows to a yard high, the leaves are a dark green, and the flowers commonly a fine blue, but sometimes a purple.  It is sown every year in gardens, and flowers most part of the summer.  This is esteemed a vulnerary plant, of a healing nature.  Matthiolus says it cures the rheums and inflammations of the eyes; mixed with honey & drank with sweet wine it removes the sharpness of urine.  It likewise closes up fresh wounds and heals ulcers.’  Blackwell pl.26/1737.

History at Camden Park

Listed in all published catalogues.  Larkspur seed, ‘German, 12 kinds, extra fine, was ordered from Warner & Warner, Seedsmen and Florists, Cornhill, on 12th April 1846.  [MP A2933-1, p.131]. 


Delphinium ajacis Ledeb. (1842-1853) = Delphinium orientale J.Gay

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The image shows the entire plant, leaves, blue flowers and seed pods.  Blackwell pl.26, 1737.

Consolida ambigua (L.) P.W.Ball & Heyw. | Blackwell pl.26 | BHL

Family Ranunculaceae
Region of origin


  • Consolida ajacis (L.) Schur
  • Delphinium ajacis L.
  • Delphinium ambiguum Mill.
Common Name

Larkspur, Annual larkspur

Name in the Camden Park Record
Confidence level medium