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Canna indica L. var. patens Ait.

See Canna indica L. for a basic description.  Johnson’s Dictionary describes Canna limbata and C. patens as separate species, the former with red flowers, bordered with yellow, the latter with reddish-yellow flowers. 

Horticultural & Botanical History

Figures of Canna aura-vittata [LBC no.449/1820], Canna limbata [LBC no.1693/1832], [Fl.Cab. p.49/1839] and Canna gigantea [BM t.2316/1822], [BR f.206/1817] show a bright red flower with yellow, red blotched base and yellow margins.  Canna patens was reportedly introduced to Britain from Brazil in 1778, C. limbata in 1818.  [JD].  Figured in the Botanical Register as Canna patens [BR f.576/1821] and Canna lutea [BR f.771/1824]. 

History at Camden Park

Listed in all published catalogues [B.59/1843]. 


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The image depicts a flowering stem with leaves, the flowers red and pale yellow.  Botanical Register f.576, 1821..

Canna indica L. var. patens Ait. | BR f.576/1821 | BHL

Family Cannaceae
Region of origin

Caribbean and South America



  • Canna indica Curt.
  • Canna limbata Rosc.
  • Canna patens (Ait.) Rosc.
  • Canna indica L. var. limbata Peters.
  • Canna aureo-vittata Lodd.
  • Canna gigantea F.Delaroche
  • Canna coccinea Mill. 


Common Name

Indian shot

Name in the Camden Park Record

Canna patens 

Confidence level high