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Anemone hupehensis (Thunb.) Bowles & Stearn var. japonica

Fully-hardy, vigorous, erect, woody-based, suckering perennial with branched stems bearing umbels of semi-double flowers varying in colour from bright purple, almost scarlet, through mauve, to rose-pink and white, from late summer to autumn.  To 90cm.  [RHSE, Hortus].  Anemone x hybrida, a hybrid between A. hupehensis var. japonica and A. vitifolia, very similar and also known as ‘Japanese anemone’, is more common in gardens today.  [RHSE]. 

Horticultural & Botanical History

‘This is a beautiful bedding plant, blooming from July to November; grows half-a-yard high, and its fine rose-coloured flowers are particularly showy at the latter part of the season.’  [FC p.131/1850].  Introduced to Britain from China in 1844 by Robert Fortune.  The plant figured, introduced by Fortune, has bright purple-crimson flowers.  ‘A very showy hardy perennial herbaceous plant, flowering towards Autumn, and valuable for its habit of continuing long in blossom at that season of the year.’  [OFG f.5/1854].  ‘It is not only an anemone, but a most beautiful one, not inferior to the Chinese Chrysanthemum, or even the Anemone coronaria of the East.’  [BR f.66/1845].  MB p.25/1847.  FS pl.1 2e Liv./1846. 

History at Camden Park

Listed in the 1850 and 1857 catalogues [B.41/1850].  Obtained from Kew Gardens, brought out from England by Captain P. P. King in 1849.  Macarthur indicated that it was not new to the colony.  [ML A1980-3].  It was also requested of John Lindley at the London Horticultural Society on 1st February, 1849.  [ML A2933-1, p.182a]. 


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Depicted is a semi-double anemone with bright red flower.  Botanical Register f.66, 1845.

Anemone hupehensis var. japonica (Thunb.) Bowles & Stearn | BR f.66/1845 | RBGS

Family Ranunculaceae
Region of origin

Of garden origin but naturalised in Japan

  • Anemone japonica Zucc. and Sieb. 

Common Name

Japanese anemone

Name in the Camden Park Record

Anemone Japonica 

Confidence level high