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Anagallis linifolia ‘Breweri’

A cultivar of Anagallis linifolia L. Woody annual, to 45cm, with usually blue flowers, red beneath.  [RHSD. Hortus].  The variety breweri has red flowers [RHSD].  However, this is at odds with the Floricultural Cabinet of 1850 which describes the flowers as ‘a fine large blue.’  [FC p.131/1850].  See also Anagallis linifolia ‘Splendens’ in which a red flowered form is depicted.

Horticultural & Botanical History

‘Most of the known species of Anagallis so nearly resemble each other, that it is not easy to find botanical characters that will with sufficient accuracy distinguish them, and this [h]as led some Botanists to believe that most of the supposed species are mere varieties, deriving their origin from climate, soil, and cultivation.’  The flower as figured has red flowers rather than blue.  [BM t.831/1805 as Anagallis fruticosa].  Also ABR pl.367/1804 as Anagallis grandiflora.  Introduced to Britain in 1796.  [PD].  ‘Anagallis. – the blue compactum is a most profuse bloomer, and grows half a foot to a foot in height.  Brewerii is a fine large blue, grows a foot or more.  Grandiflora, with its fine orange-red flowers, is also very showy, growing a foot high.  All beautiful.’  [FC p.131/1850].


History at Camden Park

Seed ordered from Warner & Warner, Seedsmen and Florists, Cornhill, on 12th April 1846.  [MP A2933-1, p.131].  I have found no other reference to this plant but the seed is likely to have been received.  



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Family Primulaceae
Region of origin


  • Anagallis brewerii Hort.


Common Name

Shrubby Pimpernell

Name in the Camden Park Record

Anagallis brewerii 


Confidence level high