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Achimenes ‘Splendens’

A hybrid or cultivar of unknown origin, I have no description of this plant.  Achimenes splendens is not listed in the Gesneriad Register-Achimenes.  A number of ‘Splendens’ cultivars are listed, all later than this. 

Horticultural & Botanical History

No specific data but see Achimenes erecta ‘Splendens’.


History at Camden Park

Seed order to Hurst and McMullen, Seedsmen and Florists of London, on 8th April 1846.  [MP A2933-1 p.132].  It was also requested of James Backhouse on 1st February, 1849.  [MP A2933-1 p.183].


William Macarthur’s plant is not Achimenes splendens Laurentius.  This plant, now correctly called Episcia splendens Hanst., synonyms Achimenes splendens Laurentius, Tapina splendens Lindl., Cyrtodeira trianae Hanst., was not introduced until 1857.  In an article on plants introduced last year (1857) Achimenes splendens was described in the Floral World and Garden Guide: ‘(Illust. Bouquet. 10.)  Also called Tapina splendens.  A beautiful dwarf trailing stove perennial, adapted for baskets; flowers numerous, separate, from the axils of the broad crowded tufted leaves; rich glowing scarlet, gemmate with warts around the throat.  New Grenada. Messrs. E. G. Henderson and Son.’  [Floral World and Garden Guide p.30/1858].  It is figured in The Illustrated Bouquet by E. and A. Henderson 1857-1864, a hand coloured Zincograph by Charlotte Sowerby, and in L'Horticulteur Practicien pl.11/1857.

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Family Gesneriaceae
Region of origin

Probably garden origin

Common Name

Achimenes, Hot water plant, Cupid’s bow

Name in the Camden Park Record

Achimenes splendens 

Confidence level low