Sloanea monosperma Vell.

No detailed description at present.  Sloanea is a genus of tropical American trees with large alternate leaves, entire or toothed, and white flowers.  [RHSD].  Five species of Sloanea occur in Australia, two in NSW.  [FNSW].

Horticultural & Botanical History

Adenobasium salicifolium Pr.  Cette plante, de la famille Homalinées, est originaire de l’Amérique Méridionale, et a pour synonyme le Pittosporum japonicum des jardins.’  [Annales des Sciences Naturelles, Second Series, Paris 1834].  

History at Camden Park

Included in hand-written lists in a copy of the 1850 catalogue held at the Mitchell Library, inscribed on the front Wm. Macarthur, 23rd Dec 1854.  [ML 635.9m].


This identification is uncertain.  Index Kewensis (as quoted in IPNI) puts Pittosporum japonicum Hort. ex C.Presl in the family Pittosporaceae, but this probably relates to the quoted source.  In additional notes IPNI gives this name as a synonym for Sloanea monosperma, (whether of Vellozo or Bentham is unclear), in the family Elaeocarpaceae.  Contemporary references, such as Annales des Sciences Naturelles, quoted under Botanical History, clearly relate Pittosporum japonicum to Sloanea monosperma Vell. and hence to Elaeocarpaceae.  How a South American plant received the specific epithet japonicum is not clear. It is probably an early nursery name.

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The line drawing shows leaves and flowers.  Flora Fluminensis vol.5, tab.100/1827.

Sloanea monosperma Vell. | Flora Fluminensis vol.5, tab.100/1827 | BHL

More details about Sloanea monosperma Vell.
Family Elaeocarpaceae
Region of origin


  • Pittosporum japonicum Hort. ex C.Presl
  • Itea japonica Hort. ex C.Presl
  • Adenobasium salicifolium C.Presl
  • Dasynema salicifolium (C.Presl) Endl. ex Walp.

Common Name
Name in the Camden Park Record

Pittosporum japonicum 

Confidence level medium