Calostemma purpureum R.Br. var. cunninghamii

For details of the species see Calostemma purpureum R.Br.  Cunninghamii is a form with rose-coloured flowers discovered at Moreton Bay.  [PD].  Calostemma purpureum is highly variable in flower colour, varying from very pale blush, almost white, to deep reddish pink and including yellow forms.  See also Calostemma purpureum R.Br. var. luteum and Calostemma purpureum R.Br. var. bronze.

Horticultural & Botanical History

No specific data.


History at Camden Park

Calostemma sp. pink only appears in the 1843 catalogue and Calostemma carnea first appears in 1845.  It is possible that they refer to the same plant.  Calostemma cunninghamii was certainly grown by Macarthur as early as 1831 as seeds were presented to the Sydney Botanic Gardens by Messrs. Macarthur in that year [RSBG AB] although we cannot be sure that the Catalogue ‘Calostemma sp. pink’ refers to this form of Calostemma purpureum.


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More details about Calostemma purpureum R.Br. var. cunninghamii
Family Amaryllidaceae
Region of origin

Australia, Moreton Bay

  • Calostemma cunninghamii Loud. 


Common Name

Pink Garland lily

Name in the Camden Park Record

Calostemma sp. pink


Confidence level low